About SignPost

Pathways to Tasmanian LGBTI inclusive organisations and services

SignPost has been created by Working It Out as the go-to online resource for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex Tasmanians, sex, sexuality and gender diverse Tasmanians (LGBTI), their friends, families and allies.

Working It Out recognise that people’s genders, bodies, relationships, and sexualities affect their health and wellbeing across every domain of their life.

SignPost aims to create pathways for LGBTI individuals to access organisations who provide inclusive services and safe environments.

Finding the right information and support is essential, but it’s not always simple.  SignPost has been developed to provide accurate, constructive and positive information, resources and support and answers.

SignPost is a website that was initiated by the Cradle Coast Authority and Rainbow Communities Tasmania to provide resources to LGBTI Tasmanians in the North West of the state. Working It Out have received a Partners in Recovery Flexible Funding Grant to transition SignPost to a statewide resource.

The philosophy of SignPost includes the belief that every individual has the right to fair and equal treatment, understanding, information and resources.



Everyone has a gender identity and sexual orientation – it is an individual characteristic that can differ from person to person, just like taste in music, favourite foods or eye colour. This site provides answers to Frequently Asked Questions and links to information and support that you may find helpful if you’re questioning your gender identity or sexual orientation, or if you want to know how to support a family member or friend who has ‘come out’.

This website provides links to information, advice and support that can help you:

  • understand gender and sexual identity.
  • talk to a family member or friend about their gender and sexual identity.
  • learn more about how you can support your family member or friend.
  • find information about where you can get the right help.
  • find the support you need as a family member, carer or friend.


If you have any questions regarding SignPost or would like more information please contact us so that we may be able to offer the help that connects with your needs.

If you are a service provider or organisation interested in listing on SignPost you will find the information you need here.