Working It Out

Working It Out provides services designed to meet the needs of people negotiating their gender identity, sexuality, and/or intersex status through individual counselling and/or support, support groups as well as student education and support in schools.  We also provide training in workplaces (including teachers, employers and employees), information for the wider community as well as partnership projects with LGBTI organisations and mainstream services. 

Working It Out recognises the importance of being an out organisation which is creative, flexible and innovative. We are committed to community education and social change principles. We use a collaborative approach and open and respectful communication. We believe in the intrinsic value of all people.

Contact: Executive Officer – Susan Ditter – 62 311 200


Statewide Sexual Health Service

Sexual Health Service Tasmania is a state-wide free service with clinics in Hobart, Launceston, and Devonport. The service is staffed by doctors, nurses, counsellors, psychologists and administrative officers. The Sexual Health Service provides people with the opportunity to enhance their sexual health and well being.

SHS does not tolerate discrimination, disrespectful or damaging behaviour and has facilitated changes in clinical practice within the Tasmanian community through education and awareness and fostered linkages with stakeholders to embrace advocacy for the LGBTI community. SHS appreciates the case for LGBTI diversity and the impact on workplace culture which impacts on the clients that access our service.

SHS recognizes and appreciates the unique insights, perspectives and backgrounds of others and has championed the creation of an environment that builds trust, respect, inclusion and tolerance.

We are aware that Transgender people face a range of challenges that impact on dignity, respect and can have damaging effects on mental and physical health and wellbeing. Assisting access to gender affirming health care can start to address these issues and improve individual and collective wellbeing.

Contact: Dr Louise Owen 61660990 67771371


TasCAHRD provides state-wide support services to people living with HIV and their families including a drop-in space in Hobart. education and support to people at risk of blood borne viruses and STIs, education and training to the community and service providers. All programs are free of charge.

TasCAHRD works extensively with the LGBTI community across the state. Peers are well represented at board and at staff level. Our work is inclusive. We produce the only gay men’s publication and run the only LGBTI radio show in the state.

Contact: Health Promotions – Tracey Wing – 62341242

Uniting AgeWell

It’s important that LGBTI people have access to high quality culturally appropriate aged care, and this can be found at Uniting AgeWell (UA). Many UA staff have undertaken LGBTI inclusive practice training and LGBTI policy exists and processes are being updated. Our consumer consultation process ensures preferences are acknowledged and people’s decision to disclose information is respected.

UA is the proud winner of a 2016 Dorothies Award and is currently working toward achieving a Rainbow Tick.

Our services include…

Residential Aged Care and Respite:

Uniting AgeWell offers high quality clinical care, allied health, and a lifestyle and activity program, all which enable people to age well. The Department of Human Services determines what you may be asked to contribute toward your care and accommodation. A fees estimator is available from:

Tasmanian Residential Facilities:

Strathdevon, Latrobe – Elle Baldock  6426 2844

Aldersgate Village, Newnham – Lucy Walters  6323 8200

Aldersgate Kings Meadows – Gaylene Morris  6341 1400

Ningana, Sorell – Mardi Free or Robyn Barnes  6269 1000

Strathaven, Rosetta – Kim Fisher 6208 3208

Strathglen, Berriedale – Heather Larter  6249 8766

Queenborough Rise, Sandy Bay – Birute Wojcik  6283 4000

Lillian Martin, Mornington – Helen Gillon 6282 1111

Day Respite:

UA day respite programs provide opportunities for older people in our community to meet and mix with others through social and leisure activities and outings. For information on costs please contact the services below.

The Platypus Club, Latrobe – Peter Cullen  6343 3933. 

Sunnybrae Club, Launceston – Margaret Bowkett  or Peter Cullen  6343 3933.

The Cottage Club, Mornington – Dianne Richards or Lee Marsh  62821150.

Home Care Packages:

UA provides assistance where and when it’s needed so you can continue to live at home safely and independently.

South: Lee Marsh  6282 1193. 

North: Peter Cullen  6341 1400. 

 Independent Retirement Living:

These units are ideal for people who wish to maintain an independent lifestyle within a caring community environment. Various locations across Tasmania. Please contact us for information on costs involved.

South: Leisa Brazendale  6208 3208. 

North: Jane Legard  6341 1400.

For more information visit, or phone 1300 783 435

Hospice Volunteers South Tas.

Hospice Volunteers South Tas. (HVST) provides trained palliative care volunteer support to people living with and affected by terminal illness in hospital, hospice and residential settings. We also provide bereavement support. Our services are free.

Staff and volunteers have participated in Working It Out’s LGBTI training. HVST policies and practices reflect a commitment to equality, inclusiveness and respect for all.

All individuals irrespective of sexual orientation, gender, race or creed are welcome to enquire about volunteering with us, and to be assessed for volunteer support.  HVST welcomes and celebrates diversity and works to help build an inclusive, informed, connected community.

Contact: Manager – Anna Mackey or Support Officer – Margaret Driessen – 62243808


The Link Youth Health Service

The Link Youth Health Service offers a diverse range of services to improve the health and well being of young people aged 12-25 years in southern Tasmania. Services include brief/crisis interventions, practical support, counselling and support, advocacy, and referral. We deliver psycho-social and clinical services including headspace Hobart and Community Based Mental Health Care Services.

All staff at The Link Youth Health Service have participated in LGBTI champions training. Our policies that address accessibility for all include access and equity, diversity, anti-discrimination and confidentiality. Our organisation has also officially expressed its support for marriage equality.

The Link Youth Service is welcoming of all LGBTI young people and demonstrates that by displaying LGBTI posters and the rainbow flag, promoting and participating in LGBTI events, and supporting and promoting LGBTI friendly services and groups including OUTspace.

We encourage all young people to access services and support, confident that we are inclusive of all diverse sexes, sexual orientations and gender identities.

Contacts: Tania Hunt or Berny Carroll – 6231 2927

Holyoake Tasmania

Holyoake is a leading counselling and education service for people whose lives are adversely affected by alcohol, drugs, gambling or other addictive behaviours. We offer therapy based programs for all ages. Holyoake does charge a fee- for -service.

We have undertaken LGBTI professional development for all staff – the training was delivered by Working It Out. We are currently undertaking external accreditation and are hopeful of obtaining the ‘rainbow tick’ which is LGBTI specific. All policies/procedures and processes are under review for LGBTI inclusiveness.

We would hope everybody accessing this service is made feel welcome. We offer confidential, non-judgmental support and help for the challenges associated with alcohol and drug misuse. Holyoake is non- religious and works from a harm minimisation model.

Holyoake would like to be considered as part of the LGBTI community. We would like to offer our services and contribute to the safety and well being of everyone. This is a safe, supportive place for people to come to.

Contact: Janine O’Neill – 62241777

ForensiClinic Consulting

ForensiClinic Consulting  offers individual and group support for anxiety, depression, substance use, gender, sexuality, personality, relationships, anger, grief, self-harm, and family and criminal law matters. We feel it’s important for clients to know about the range of psychological support options that are respectful, informed and LGBTI friendly. 

Our practitioners undertake regular supervision and professional development training in the area of inclusive practice. We also consult with and maintain LGBTI friendly professional networks. We use gender neutral pronouns and avoid gender based assumptions about a person’s lifestyle. We are non-judgemental and accepting of every colour of the rainbow. 

Bulk billing is provided to clients with a Mental Health Care Plan who hold a concession card, are full-time students, are unemployed, or struggling financially.

Contact: Dr Georgina O’Donnell or Grant Blake – 62345006

RFT (Richmond Fellowship Tasmania Inc)

RFT offers the following services to adults with severe and persistent mental health issues:

  • Resident and community based recovery and rehabilitation services
  • Recreation and Life Skills Education programs
  • NDIS services
  • Services are government funded

Celebrating diversity is a core value of RFT and is embedded throughout the organisation. LGBTI awareness training is supported for all staff, and the needs of LGBTI participants in our programs are considered via our individualised and participant-led planning and assessment process.

At RFT we treat each and every person who engages with us as an individual. Their goals and needs are assessed holistically, and supports provided to enable each person to achieve their own wellbeing, without judgement or discrimination.

RFT employs a number of staff from LGBTI community as part of our strategy to reflect diversity as well as support it.

We understand that members of the LGBTI community are over-represented in mental health statistics. We want to reassure people that there are mental health services which are non-faith based, and which will not only accept, but also affirm, each person for who they are regardless of their gender or sexuality.

Contact: Lynn Jarvis and/or Administration – 03 6228 3344

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