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Thank you for taking your time to consider listing your organisation on the SignPost website – an online directory of services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex Tasmanians, sex, sexuality and gender diverse Tasmanians (LGBTI), their friends, families and allies.

SignPost is a website that was initiated by the Cradle Coast Authority and Rainbow Communities Tasmania to provide resources to LGBTI Tasmanians in the North West of the state. Working It Out have received a Partners in Recovery Flexible Funding Grant to transition SignPost to a statewide resource.

Working It Out and SignPost are offering organisations the opportunity to list their services and to outline their credentials as a user friendly service for LGBTI population groups in Tasmania.

The readership for SignPost will be LGBTI community and their family, friends, loved ones and allies. SignPost needs to be a relevant, powerful and up-to-date tool for the people accessing it. SignPost will be a resource that will live up to its name – pointing people quickly and efficiently in the right direction to get the services they are looking for.

SignPost aims to create pathways for LGBTI Tasmanians to organisations who provide LGBTI-inclusive services and safe environments. Finding the right information and support is essential, but it’s not always simple, therefore SignPost has been developed to provide users with accurate, constructive and positive information, resources and support and answers.

There is no cost to list your organisation, however, to ensure that SignPost is an active and up to date site we will require a 6 monthly listing check by your organisation.

Listing on the directory is not a form of accreditation and does not require organisations to obtain specific LGBTI accreditation.  For more information about adopting inclusive practice within your organisation and training contact Susan at Working It Out

It is our aim that the SignPost online directory will provide information, advice and links for community networks and groups, health and wellbeing, support and counselling, education and training and anti-discrimination and rights. The purpose of the site does not include personal services, entertainment, lifestyle or travel.

The philosophy of SignPost includes the belief that every individual has the right to fair and equal treatment, understanding, information and resources.  Please carefully consider the alignment of our philosophy with your organisation’s services and practices when registering for an expression of interest with SignPost.

For further information please contact Working It Out:

Executive Officer – Susan Ditter or call 6231 1200 or 0429 346 122

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PLEASE NOTE:  The information that you provide on this form will be included on your public listing to support SignPost users to make an informed choice about accessing your service.  This form will take between 5-10 working days to be processed, after which it will appear on SignPost.  If you have any questions regarding this please contact Working It Out.

Working It Out is a community run and led organisation that values a collaborative approach and a commitment to the use of inclusive language.  We believe in working in partnership with other individuals, communities and other organisations to achieve shared goals.  Working It Out’s mission is to build individual resilience, community capacity and a more just society.