Want to promote your organisation?

Working It Out and SignPost are offering organisations the opportunity to list their services and to outline their credentials as a user friendly service for LGBTI population groups in Tasmania.

Thank you for taking your time to consider listing your organisation on the SignPost website – an online directory of services for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex Tasmanians, sex, sexuality and gender diverse Tasmanians (LGBTI), their friends, families and allies. The philosophy of SignPost includes the belief that every individual has the right to fair and equal treatment, understanding, information and resources.  Please carefully consider the alignment of our philosophy with your organisation’s services and practices when listing with SignPost.

The readership for SignPost will be the LGBTI community and their family, friends, loved ones and allies. SignPost aims to be a resource that will live up to its name – pointing people quickly and efficiently in the right direction to get the services they are looking for. Finding the right information and support is essential, but it’s not always simple, therefore SignPost has been developed to provide users with accurate, constructive and positive information, resources and support and answers.

There is no cost to list your organisation, however, to ensure that SignPost is an active and up to date site we will require a 6 monthly listing check by your organisation. Listing on the directory is not a form of accreditation and does not require organisations to obtain specific LGBTI accreditation.  

For more information about adopting inclusive practice within your organisation and training, or for any other SignPost enquiries contact Zac at Working It Out signpost@workingitout.org.au.